40 Reasons to Use Classic House Air Conditioning Units

Although Canada is geographically located in one of the coolest sections on the planet, certain provinces in the country do experience high humidity and warm temperatures during the summer months. Therefore, if you thought that you don’t really need an air conditioner, think again, because there are over 40 reasons at least as to why your home can benefit from the installation of a classic air conditioner.

The Humidity is Sticky, Uncomfortable and Damaging

It can get pretty warm in some parts of Canada during the summer months, but air conditioning is particularly necessary in cities like Toronto because of the high humidity in the city and its suburbs during summer. To put the situation in simpler words, it would suffice to say that even when it’s not particularly hot, the outside air feels warm and sticky, which isn’t that surprising given that the humidity can go up to as high as 94% in Toronto!

Toronto isn’t the only city with high humidity in Canada, and it certainly isn’t the hottest in Ontario either. Windsor, Brantford and Ottawa also experience similar humidity, coupled with slightly higher summer temperatures. For example, Windsor and Brantford frequently experience temperatures close to or above the 80-degree Fahrenheit mark each year.

Outside Ontario, even citizens in Kelowna, British Columbia and Montréal, Quebec often complain about the heat and humidity. Fortunately, it’s quite cheap to keep your air clean and dry with Classic House Air Conditioning Units! If you manage to win a classic unit from your $1 chance on the other hand, it’s practically a free gift with 100% free delivery too!

Why Should You Go with a Classic/Window AC?

As mentioned, there are many reasons why a classic, window air conditioner makes more sense than a split AC, but the most interesting reason of them all is the $1 chance to win a classic AC unit online! Even if you don’t get to win an air conditioner with your $1 chance, window ACs can be bought for a fraction of the money that you would need to shell out for a similarly powered split AC.

Classic ACs are Super Easy to Install

There is just a single unit in window ACs which serve as both the external and the internal system, unlike split ACs, which have a separate indoor and outdoor unit. This difference is huge, as it makes installing any classic unit a lot easier, since there’s minimum drilling, draining, clamping, etc. involved in the process. Furthermore, they can be cleaned, maintained and repaired with greater ease than split units.

Air Conditioning Protects You and Your Home’s Interior

Just in case you need even more of a reason, know that the high humidity without AC protection can rot your house from the inside, along with your wooden furniture! Also, that might create a mould problem which can potentially be life-threatening, or at the very least, allergenic.

Classic air conditioners are just as good as split ACs are, and whether you manage to win one by trying out your $1 chance or not, they are so much cheaper – that, combined with the 100% free delivery which almost all sellers offer these days, means they are a steal right now.

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