How to Avail 40 Chances of a $1 AC Unit Repair This Season

An air conditioning unit is one of those major appliances in the home that people don’t tend to think about until it stops working. During the hot summer months, you rely on it to keep your home cool, free of humidity, and comfortable. The last thing you want to think about is it suddenly quitting right in the middle of a heatwave, which let’s face it, is the classic way that things end up going!

While your first impulse may be to get rid of the unit, we suggest you don’t throw your broken AC units out! Read these care tips to keep your AC working and find the best deals to win free repairs!

Follow the Suggested Maintenance Schedule

So, what’s the best solution here? Well, it’s to ensure that your air conditioning unit doesn’t break in the first place. Now, you can’t stop the clock, as eventually it will exceed its lifespan and need to be replaced, but you can extend its lifespan by following the suggested maintenance schedule.

This means making sure the unit itself is kept clean and clear of any debris such as leaves, twigs, and other items falling into it, cleaning the fins to get rid of dirt and dust, keeping the area around the unit clean and clear, straighten out any fins that are dented or crooked, and ensure the unit sits level at all times.

You may even want to consider scheduling an air conditioner tune-up from a professional. The repair person will take a look at such things as the refrigerant levels, lubricate the moving parts, clean the coils, inspect the condensate drain, replace the air filters, look at the electrical parts, and more.

Watch for Red Flags and Don’t Put off Repairs

You will also want to be sure that you are watching for any red flags and make sure you don’t put off repairs. If you put off the repair, the chances are the problem will get worse, and may lead to you having to replace the unit completely, which is much more costly than a repair, such as the $1 ones we offer.

As for the red flags to watch for, the first would be to listen to the sounds it makes. If anything changes, you hear any clunking sounds, like sounds, squealing, or any other strange sounds, it’s time to call in a repair person to take a look. Another red flag to watch for is if the air conditioning doesn’t seem as effective as it was before. It may be working still, but the air doesn’t feel as cool, the air flow has decreased, etc.

Keep in mind the average lifespan for an air conditioner unit that has been well maintained should be 12 to 15 years, so at least that gives you a rough idea.

Staying on Top of Repairs Makes Good Sense

So, at the end of the day, the 40 chances we offer of inexpensive AC unit repairs make a lot more financial sense than ignoring the problems, and having to replace your unit much earlier than you should have.

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