How to Save Money when Using AC

Heating and cooling needs are the two primary reasons as to why residential electricity bills are starting to become so expensive everywhere in the world. We could almost save to become a millionaire if there was a way to even take just $1 off every hour from the total amount we end up paying every in heating and cooling costs alone!

The good news is that with the proper use of technology and intelligent energy usage tactics, there are actually more than 40 ways to take $1 off every hour, if not more. Just in case you are rich enough to afford your electricity bills with ease, there is still no reason why you shouldn’t be saving energy either. After all, we are constantly running out of natural resources all the time due to excess energy consumption, so believe it or not, millionaires do save money on electric bills, too! Follow these tips to save money when using your AC!

How Much Do You Spend on Cooling Every Year?

There are too many variables here, such as the rate per unit charged by a specific energy provider, rebates, discounts, usage, size of the house/apartment, total electrical need of the home, usage/adoption of alternative energy sources, etc. to provide an exact figure. However, you can calculate them on your own by simply going through your electricity bills online. Go to the website of your service provider and you should be able to find all your bills in their database, where all the necessary details should be present.

Stick to Classic AC Units

Listed as one of the top 40 ways to save power from AC usage, both split and window air conditioners consume a lot less electricity than central cooling units. Given that these classic air-conditioning systems can be as much as 50% more energy-efficient than central-cooling systems, you could maybe even save to become a millionaire, by simply choosing separate units for each room!

Of course, central heating and cooling is a better option for large commercial establishments, but in a residential building/apartment/house, classic ACs should be the choice of homeowners in general. In case you already have a central cooling system, understand that making the shift could help you easily shave $1 off every hour during which you use the ACs in your home.

How about the Good Old Celling Fan?

5 Star rated Ceiling fans are one of those lesser known ways to maximise your air-conditioning system’s cooling capacity, while reducing power consumption at the same time. It’s a classic tactic used in South Asia, the Middle-East, Australia and even scorching US states like Florida or Texas.

It works on the principle that when compared between a ceiling fan and an AC, the power consumed by the former is a lot less than the latter. The ceiling fan is turned on at a medium speed, while the air-conditioning unit is set to cool with the lowest fan speed, at a less power-hungry setting. After a while, the air conditioner is switched off, but the ceiling fan keeps circulating the cool air within the well-insulated room to keep the temperature and humidity down for a long time.

Classic, time-tested and effective, this little strategy of intelligently coupling your ceiling fan with your air conditioner will help you to reduce your cooling bills by more than just $1 off every hour. Even if you don’t have to save to become a millionaire, you will be contributing even more to the environment by going green, because the more money you have, chances are, the more power you are consuming.

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